About us

The Allazo Group is an international educational consulting company founded on the principle that every student can be empowered to be leaders in their homes, schools, communities and the world. Our innovative products and services empower students, raise test scores, transform school culture and change lives.

As an authority on student leadership, The Allazo Group helps schools and students across the world to live at their highest potential, lead through service and achieve academic and social success. Let’s turn your teens into a team. Contact us today to start the conversation.

Our Philosophy

Every individual has the ability to be a leader, first of themselves, and then of those around them, no matter if it’s a formal leadership position or not.

Service Leadership

We’ve found that true leaders are developed when they learn to serve those around them, while also building correct principles within themselves.

The Difference

With the Allazo group, our desire to help you goes beyond our initial time together. We provide actionable plans that result in lasting change.

For questions about enrolling your school, district, group, or student in the Allazo Leadership Academy please contact scottcoleman@allazogroup.com

For inquiries about in-person speeches and trainings, please email [email protected]