The Leadership Revolution

The Leadership Revolution takes you through the leadership cycle that
has worked for countless individuals and teams throughout the course
of history. The lessons, guides, and activities within are designed to be
continually revisited to reach new heights. These simple, but profound
principles will teach you and those around you how to reach your full
potential as a leader.

If Not Now, Then When?

The timeless concept of not putting off to tomorrow what can be
done today is explored in this compact and thought-provoking w
ork. Packed with resources, compelling ideas, and the evidence be
hind why organizational development is ideal, this book is meant
to help you begin in the process of powerful organizational devel

The Essentials of Student Leadership

Meant for our High School and College audiences, this book is a straightfor
ward resource build off some of the toughest questions we have been ask
ed by student leaders across the country. Whether you are the Student Bo
dy President of a large University of a representative in a small town stude
nt council, this book will answer your questions and power your drive to hel
p those around you succeed.

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