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A thorough training course for student body presidents who wish to improve themselves as a leader. This course contains lots of practical advice, both for a student body president and for aspiring leaders in general. The course is short video lectures by Scott Catt, who was once a student body president himself. In addition to the video content, supplementary reading packets are included in most units, which also contain assignments that are designed to help the students apply these concepts in the real world. Whether you are a student body president yourself, or a school faculty member looking to help, this course, if taken in earnest, will have tremendous power to benefit your school.


This is a training course specifically for student body presidents who want to improve their leadership. The course designed for student body presidents who have already been elected, and for faculty/school administration to use for training.

The course is broken down into eight sections that are each divided into three to six videos. Each section focuses on a specific aspect of leadership. In every section, we touch on principles that will help a student body president to develop skills that will benefit their school. Many of these principles are tailored specifically for student body presidents, but we also focus on teaching skills that would be beneficial for anyone aspiring to be a leader in general.

The course is primarily made up of short video lectures by Scott Catt, once a student body president himself. Every course unit contains a video by Scott. In addition to video content, the majority of units also contain supplementary reading materials and assignments in the form of “packets” that are attached to the content.


We believe action is one of the most important aspects of self development, so the majority of the units in the course include supplementary assignments that invite the students to go out and apply the lessons in their own leadership. While the assignments are not mandatory for finishing the course, they have been designed to benefit the students, and doing them will help them to develop their own leadership skills and make meaningful changes in their schools.

We believe that, to get the maximum benefit from this course, every student should earnestly attempt to complete the included assignments. These activities invite the students to go out into the real world and apply the principles taught within the course. Students who complete the assignments for their own self-benefit will learn how to identify their own leadership strengths and weaknesses, get to know their student body, learn how to plan large-scale activities, and more.


There are no prerequisites or required materials for this course. While this course would ideally be taken by a student body president, it could also serve school faculty members wishing to improve their training, or by anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills in general.

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