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Schools don’t come in a box and neither should solutions. At the Allazo Group our passion and dedication to the field of education spans across classrooms, districts, and across the globe. Our innovative solutions to education’s most pressing challenges are built to support the teacher, administrator, parent and student, no matter where they find themselves in the educational process.

Our World Class Expertise Includes:

The Life Changing Teacher Training: With data collected from across the world, we have defined the characteristics that make up a teacher who is truly, “Life Changing.” Regardless of age, country, ethnicity or performance in the classroom, these qualities remain the same. We bring this training to your school or district in hopes of helping teachers in their goal, to change lives.

The School Happiness Initiative: At the Allazo Group, we are experts in the field of positive psychology and see no better or more crucial place to have this movement take root then in our world’s schools. Whether it be a preschool or a large University, science has proven that a focus on happiness and a culture of positivity helps our students to learn and retain more and our teachers to educate more effectively with higher energy and passion. That is a bottom line result we can all agree is crucial now and for the future.

School Leadership Trainings: Whether it be your student council, your staff, newly hired administrators or your entire student body, we train on the fundamental principles of the Leadership Revolution that lead to a higher capacity of leadership capability and a deeper understanding of our duty as leaders. We also offer a student council leadership training offered completely online with a live instructor. We come to you even if a world away through the power of technology.

Customized Speeches: Our speeches, customized with lasting online resources, bring out the best in those who hope to be more and do more. High impact, high energy and based on applicable solutions, an Allazo speaker is a sure hit in any school.

Culture Changing Councils: Does your school struggle with its culture or in defining it’s vision? You are not alone, we have helped countless schools to transform the culture of their school into one that promotes success, service and scholarship. Let us help you.

College Coaching: Many parents struggle with the answers their students ask them in terms of college choices. Where should I apply? How do I figure out what schools best for me? What should I study? Our highly skilled College Coaches help with every question a student or parent might have about the transition from high school to college or college to the work place. We are happy to help you through the journey, no matter where you currently are!

Empowering Education in Our Schools…

…Means the ability to change the culture at any level of your school or district.

…Means developing powerful school leaders who are prepared to lead every kind of institute of education to the next level of life changing impact.

…Means training and empowering student leaders to not only make a powerful impact in your school but in the world.

…Means promoting practices of happiness and lifelong learning that are proven to be the foundation of a successful life and career.

Featured Services

Student Council Leadership

Student Council and School Leadership: We believe youth and their leaders can change their school, change their communities and change the world. This one day training is the key to helping you do more than you ever thought possible.

The Life-Changing Teacher

Based on years of research, the Allazo Group has unlocked the secret of what actually creates a life changing teacher. but it is equally true that a gifted teacher changes the lives of countless students, year after year, one classroom and one individual at a time. By way of presentation, we present this compiled information in an inspiring and digestible format.

Allazo Learning Language

This breakthrough educational technology allows educators to tap into the specific potential of every individual student.With 4 layers of analysis, and resources for tailored improvement, this is much more than a learning style.

See what Allazo can do for your school.

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THE ALLAZO GROUP: Empowering Lasting Change

The Allazo Group was founded on the belief that all people, everywhere can experience powerful, lasting change. Today our mission is to enable people and organizations to make those changes through innovative training solutions designed to guide them to their highest potential.


A portion of all our earnings goes towards a scholarship fund that is awarded to students who demonstrate leadership principles and good character.
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