At the Allazo Group, we educate for empowerment. Don’t think of us as a typical leadership development company, because we aren’t. We educate and inspire with the intent of creating lasting change. Motivational speeches are great, but often lack the lasting residual effects our leaders NEED. Our speeches, trainings and online resources are motivational and meant to build to something bigger. At the Allazo Group we have invested in transformative trainings that keep the messages of change alive in your organization. Additionally, we provide a follow-up system to help your organization be more constantly motivated and feel empowered to continue an education that leads to leadership greatness. Our organizations deserve the opportunity to build on these valuable skills and experiences that will benefit them in all their life’s efforts. A onetime message just doesn’t cut it in today’s world of leadership development. Please Contact Us today about what Allazo can do for you.

Custom Speeches

allazo group leadership speech

Speeches can be great. But what makes our special is the call-to-action style we implement, and the online resources we make available to everyone to stimulate a real lasting change.

Leadership Trainings

leadership trainings

No matter your title, position, or experience – everyone can lead where they stand. From students to CEO’s, your influence is vital to those around you. We’re here to cultivate that untapped potential.

Allazo Learning Language

Teaching more effectively with allazo learning language program

This breakthrough educational technology allows educators to tap into the specific potential of every individual student.With 4 layers of analysis, and resources for tailored improvement, this is much more than a learning style.

Books and e-Books

Reading Allazo Group Leadership Book

Whether it’s our flagship book, “The Leadership Revolution”, or one of our other smaller publications – we’ve got the literature you need. What you read will turn into action.

THE ALLAZO GROUP: Empowering Lasting Change

The Allazo Group was founded on the belief that all people, everywhere can experience powerful, lasting change. Today our mission is to enable people and organizations to make those changes through innovative training solutions designed to guide them to their highest potential.


A portion of all our earnings goes towards a scholarship fund that is awarded to students who demonstrate leadership principles and good character.
If you'd like to contribute to this great cause, please fill out the form on our Contact page to let us know, and we'll provide you with the necessary info. Thanks!
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