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A Passion for the Potential of Others

Scott Catt; speaker, author, business executive, trainer and educator – has been inspiring audiences to change their lives and the lives of those around them since he was 10 years old and was first asked to speak at an assembly in elementary school. His topic? “The Best Leaders in the World.” Though many titles have been used to describe him, teacher serves him best. Described as “passionate, effective and focused on the needs of his audiences,” spending years teaching others how to reach their full potential has been a dream come true for Scott. No matter where he is or what audience he stands in front of, his passion comes through for the reality of the positive change championed by his message. To him, it is a part of his life’s purpose.

A Diversified Background in Education and Business.

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Scott has done his masters work at University College London’s Institute of Education, studying education and  organizational behavior. In business he has held the title of Senior Vice President at multiple national companies, worked for one of the world’s most prestigious training and development firms, and been a lead trainer at several institutions. In education, while following his passion, Scott has been fortunate to be a teacher at the elementary, middle school, high school and college levels. Business and Education; this unique background led Scott, with several likeminded partners to co found the Allazo Group as a way of serving the rising generations of the classroom and the work force. At the Allazo Group, Scott brings his experience working with Kindergarteners and CEO’s along with his passion for helping others find their purpose everywhere he goes. Scott looks forward to bringing his unique experiences and the Allazo Group’s life changing message to you and your team.

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Student Leadership Intro

What people in business and education are saying about Scott Catt:

“Scott Catt is a strong leader and an inspirational person. His leadership is characterized by patience and a willingness to always be available for training. Scott has a talent for being clear and concise in his training and also bold in addressing concerns. He gives direct, straightforward feedback and his presentations are spot on and exciting. He is always willing to answer questions and ensure that his audience understands their roles and potential. As one who has had Scott speak in his organization, I highly recommend Scott as a gifted leader, trainer and speaker.”
– Bryan K, Idaho

“Scott Catt spoke at my school, he was very inspirational. He really helped us students get on the right path. I know now what I need to do to be successful. He was fun and exciting. I would recommend him to any student or school. It was great.”
– Junior L, Arizona

“Scott Catt brought an energy and passion to our event that was palpable. I was impressed with his preparedness, enthusiasm and ability to connect to people in all levels of our organization. I would highly recommend him and would love to see him come back and speak to us in the future!”
– Samantha O, Arizona

“Scott Catt has been one of the most influential people in my life. He has a knack for putting people at ease with his humor- often letting them feel witty. He listens with deep investment and asks inspired questions. He has always consistently offered well founded and well delivered insights, instruction and training. He is what I would call as social polymath.”
– Ethan W, Alaska

“Scotty has a way of inspiring you to always do better, in business, in personal relations, in life. He has a very down to earth attitude with a strong dose of optimism. He is able to take what seems to be a bad situation, or a hard one, and shine a new light on it, making it seem not so daunting as it was before. I would recommend Scotty whole heartedly knowing that he will succeed in your organization, no matter what the situation. I have seen it.”
– Stephen W, Nevada

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