Speeches & Training

What You Get:

A highly interactive half day training.

A comprehensive student leadership implementation plan.

A free copy of the popular book, The Stand Out Student Leader

Free Success Packets for Every Attendee

Your Successes Shared on Our Blog

Youth Leadership Training

When student leaders are empowered with the tools and knowledge to lead with confidence, classes change, teams change, schools change and people change. Our highly successful student leadership training is designed to bring students closer together, uniting around a common mission and vision building a unified roadmap to success. This have day training can be delivered on site at your school or at any number of off site retreat locations.

College Prep Interactive Training

As we have traveled across the world we have found that students often feel ill prepared for college, both academically and financially. Teachers and counselors feel overwhelmed trying to help in the vast differing circumstances their students face. Luckily there is help! With the Allazo Group’s in person two hour seminar for parents, teachers and students or one hour virtual seminar, we powerfully and simply teach the proven formula for success in paying for college and thriving in college!

What You Get:

A proven, interactive training for college success.

The College Readiness Checklist

A free copy of the popular book, The Stand Out Student Leader

Access to audio and video of the presentation for campus distribution

A Question and Answer Session for Parents and Students

Discounts on our College Prep Coaching Sessions

What You Get:

A half day interactive workshop with world renowned experts on student leadership

A free comprehensive survey for every student identifying their own powerful leadership style

Free Ebook of the “Standout Student Leader”

Free Ebook of “The Leadership Revolution”

Powerful and personalized question and answer sessions with the expert facilitator

Your students successes published on the Allazo Group website

Student Leaders Roundtable

Bringing all of your student leaders from every team, club or class for a half day training is a powerful experience that pays dividends in school culture and lasting change. The Allazo Group Student Leaders Roundtable is a chance to be taught and trained by world leading experts in the field of student leadership. Your students will be able to learn the latest and most effective student leadership trends that are transforming schools around the world and learn their own leadership styles and how to use those styles to create their own lasting leadership legacy.

The Championship Team

There are those that play games together on the same courts or field and then there are teams. Amongst the teams in the world, there are those that strive for mediocrity and those that strive for greatness. In our Championship Team Training we help every student understand their role as a leader on their team, what a championship culture looks like and how to achieve greatness on and off the field. Sports teach lessons that last a lifetime. This highly impactful training ensures those lessons spread throughout the entire athletic program of your campus.

What You Get:

A half day interactive training with one of our national championship college athletes or national team head coaches.

A Championship Culture Checklist and Path to Success

A Free Daily Quote and Activity Book for every student athlete

Discounts on our Team Captain Coaching sessions

What You Get:

A half day seminar discussing the four habits of teenage happiness.

A free copy of “Foundations of Teenage Happiness” for every student in attendance.

A free student workbook to discover how they can develop the habits of happiness.

Online question and answer session with happiness experts that can be submitted after the seminar.

Habits of Happiness

Every teenager deserves the opportunity to be happy. Tragically, far too many teens don’t know how to be truly happy. With rising depression rates amongst the teenage population, the Habits of Happiness one day seminar teaches students how to develop healthy habits in the four foundations of their life that control their happiness; the mind, body, heart and soul. Authentic happiness can be achieved by every teenager and this revolutionary training gives students the keys to controlling their own, life long happiness.

Culture Changing Council

If your school struggles with a less than ideal or even toxic school culture you are not alone. Like countless other schools you may find that the solution does not lie in the obvious change agents such as adults and administration. True change comes from the students themselves. The Culture Changing Council is built around identifying real influencers on campus and bringing them in for a full day workshop. Together, guided by a workshop leader, the students will create a culture changing plan revolving around a unified mission and planned deliberate actions and deliverables.

What You Get:

A rigorous and thorough school culture analyses.

A full day workshop with your school’s key influencers.

A free typed and delivered culture changing plan to be reviewed with students under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

The “How You Know You are Successful” checklist and worksheet to be completed throughout the year.

What You Get:

Highly engaging presentation on the life changing teacher

Free Life Changing Teacher Survey

The Life Changing Teacher in workshop notebook

Question and answer session with the researchers on the project

The Life Changing Teacher

Through a world wide survey and countless interviews, the Allazo Group’s groundbreaking research has uncovered the secret to what makes a teacher “life changing”. In this fast paced and highly applicable training, teachers will learn the art and skill of life changing teaching. This workshop is perfect for a district wide speech, faculty meeting, half day event or any level of professional development.