Our Team

Scott Catt

Curriculum Director

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Scott Catt is a cofounder and partner of the Allazo Group. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Scott is a graduate of Brigham Young University and has done his masters work in Organizational Behavior at the University of London. Through the course of his studies Scott has focused his attentions on leadership as seen throughout history and has sought to bridge the gap between the styles and strategies of great leaders in the past and principle based application in the modern worlds of education and business. A passionate educator, Scott has led over forty teachers and over thirty administrators in several educational institutions and as a business professional has served as a Senior Vice President at several national companies.He is fluent in Spanish and has diverse experience working with peoples and organizations from North and South America, Africa and Europe. A prolific speaker, he has presented and trained at a wide variety of events and conferences. Before co founding the Allazo Group, Scott worked for a top global training and development consulting firm.

Scott Coleman

Director of Sale & Partnerships

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Scott Coleman is a cofounder and partner at the Allazo Group. In business Scott has founded and led multiple national and international companies. In education Scott is a friend of youth, speaking to and guiding young men across the country.  An accomplished athlete and community ambassador, Scott was a BCS Sugar Bowl champion while playing Division 1 college football at the University of Utah. After completing his career at his alma mater, Scott devoted his career to maximizing the potential of others and creating measurable change and bottom line enhancement in a vast variety of industries. Scott is fluent in Spanish with extensive experience working with a variety of Latin American communities and organizations.

Clark Bateman

Marketing Director

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Clark Bateman is a cofounder and partner at the Allazo Group. A native of Plano, Texas, Clark did his university studies at both Brigham Young University and Texas A&M Commerce. In business, Clark has been influential in establishing and leading several startup companies, and worked as a marketing consultant to many more. However, Clark’s real passion comes in working with youth and young professionals, in helping them achieve their dreams. This passion might have something to do with being the oldest of eight children. After playing football from the moment he could walk through a brief stint in college and on into rec flag football leagues, Clark turned to coaching. He continues this passion today volunteer coaching with the local high school and a semi-pro arena football team. Clark is fluent in Spanish after spending two years living in Bilbao, Spain. At heart, Clark is a teacher with diverse experiences helping others to better their lives and enhance their vision of what they can accomplish.