Virtual Services

What You Get:

A one on one personalized session with Cambridge educated leadership coaches

A free copy of the book, “The Standout Student Leader”

A customized leadership development plan

Discounts on future coaching sessions .

Virtual Youth Leadership Training

We meet with your student body presidents, club leaders or any other school influencer in a virtual conference room. We help them create a plan for highly effective student leadership. Students leave with a plan, and the tools and skills needed to have confidence in their leadership and make a difference everywhere they serve.

Virtual Student Leaders Roundtable

Bringing all of your student leaders from every team, club or class for a two hour training is a powerful experience that pays dividends in school culture and lasting change. This training is held entirely online to help those schools receive the same powerful training as an in person expert, while on a budget. The Allazo Group Student Leaders Training is a chance to be taught and trained by world leading experts in the field of student leadership. Your students will be able to learn the latest and most effective student leadership trends that are transforming schools around the world and learn their own leadership styles and how to use those styles to create their own lasting leadership legacy.

What You Get:

A two hour interactive workshop with world renowned experts on student leadership held entirely online

A free comprehensive survey for every student identifying their own powerful leadership style

Free Ebook of the “Standout Student Leader”

Free Ebook of “The Leadership Revolution” .

Powerful and personalized question and answer sessions with the expert facilitator .

Your students successes published on the Allazo Group website